How to distinguish the original from forgery

According to statistics, tobacco products are one of the most counterfeited goods in the world. Trade in counterfeit tobacco of famous brands annually brings multi-million losses to manufacturers of original tobacco mixtures.

 Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health. But the manufacturers of expensive tobacco products take care of the quality of their products, trying to maximally clean it from harmful substances and contaminants not characteristic of tobacco products. While fake shisha tobacco is made from low-grade, often bruised tobacco. In the manufacture of counterfeit, not only technology, but also the rules for storing raw materials are violated. As a result, a completely inferior and extremely hazardous to health commodity is on the market, sold at the price of elite brands.

 How to distinguish the original from forgery

 To distinguish a fake from the original at the stage of buying is difficult, but in most cases it is real. For this you need to pay attention to the following:

 1. Packaging

It should be made of cardboard material, with evenly trimmed edges and clear inscriptions. If it is a jar, then it should be plastic or metal with excise from the outside, and inside there should be a mixture packed in a sealed plastic bag and neatly packed in a jar. The plastic bag indicates that manufacturers take care of the quality of storage of products inside better than anyone, which allows them to occupy advanced positions in the market of product demand.

 2. No errors in the title

On counterfeit packages, the brand name is often written with an error or absent at all. At first glance, such a distinction may not be noticed, but it is considered to be a direct proof of the fact that you have a fake in your hands. True manufacturer always takes care of his reputation and will never allow such a mistake in the name of the product.

 3. Excise stamp

An another integral element of the packaging of original tobacco products is an excise stamp. But with the current opportunities, they can be faked as well. So, when observing packaging, you need to pay attention not only to excise, but to all the above elements together.

 And remember: smoking is dangerous not only for your health, but for the health of people around you.