Nowadays, most smokers refuse to smoke cigarettes and prefer shisha smoking. The advantage of this transition is that the smoker selects the tobacco mixture on his own, and can also choose the strength of raw materials, create any combination of several varieties of tobacco.

We allow the real admirers of the first-class tobacco to easily pick up worthy goods according to its taste.

We offer licensed products, therefore, purchasing smoking tobacco on our website, every buyer is guaranteed to be protected from falsification.

Tobacco is packed in a metal jar. The strength of a particular type of tobacco is influenced by the type of slicing, the drying method, the temperature treatment, the addition of concentrates, sauces and much more.

In flavored tobacco, we add special ingredients that improve not only the aroma, but also the taste, and the strength remain unchanged, which allows you to adjust the amount or composition of tobacco based on your preferences.

Shisha tobacco intensively becomes popular, because the use of nicotine thus causes minimal health damage. We offer a wide range of classic and flavored tobacco.

Proper storage of tobacco mixtures guarantees the invariance of flavor and aromatic qualities, that is why we maintain a certain level of humidity and temperature regime. You can buy top-quality tobacco in our catalog.