Cool lemon mint

Shishamate tobacco with the taste of "Cool lemon mint" is not too minty and not too lemon. It combines mint freshness, a little sweetness and sourness. The aftertaste is sweet and sour, with a combination of mint freshness, which allows using this tobacco both for smoking in solo, and for creating mixtures. The sale is available both in retail and wholesale. You will receive the discount at wholesale.
Categories: Refreshing / All
 Brand  Shishamate
 Country of manufacturer  Ukraine
 Weight  50, 250, 1000 gr.
 Package  Double polyethylene packet in a metal jar
 Tobacco grade  Golden Virginia
 Smokiness  High
 Tenacity  Mean
 Cut  Middle leaf
 Type of taste   Fresh
 Taste   Sweet with mint

Types of combinations:

Yellow pink 30% + Cherry 45% + Cool lemon mint 25%
Cherry 25% + Watermelon 50% + Cool lemon mint 25% 

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